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Product Name :

Mispa Count

Description :

1 – 50 micron aperture for RBC\PLTs

2 – 5 Discriminators in platelet histogram

PLTs ­ags:

P1 for probable platelets debris

P2 for probable presence of schizocytes

P3 for probable presence of Microcytes

3 – 5 thresholds in WBC histogram

WBC ­ags :

L1 for probable lyse resistant RBCs or insufficient lysing

L2 for probable Monocytosis

L3 for probable Eosinophilia

L5 for probable large immature cells (LIC)

4 – RBC ­ags :

R1 for microcytes

(helps in determination of Iron De­ciency Anemia)

R2 for Macrocytes

(helps in determination of vitamin B 12 De­ciency Anemia)

5 – Double count of cells

6 – Quadra PTFE syringes

7 – Electromagnetic solenoid valves


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