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Intended Use

This reagent is used for the in vitro quantitative determination of a2- Macroglobulin inhuman serum.
-Nephelometry methodology
-Linear up to 760 mg/dL
-Ready to use reagents
-No calibration required
-Lower detection level 95 mg/dL

Clinical Significance

a2-Macroglobulin is a very large protein capable of bind ing wide variety of substances in serum and interstitial fluids. Its physiological role remains unknown but it is suspected that the protein plays major role in inflammation because the substances bound by the protein include many proteases and the bind ing process

leaves  the  active  sites of  the  enzyme  unmasked. Due  to  its  large size a2-

macroglobulin is retained in serum in nephritic syndrome and serum levels are increased.


The serum sample reacts upon specific antibody for human a2-macroglobulin and can  induce the formation of immune complexes   which can be measured and is  d irectly proportional to a2-macroglobulin concentration of the sample.

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