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Product Name :


Intended Use

This reagent is intended for in vitro quantitative determination of HDL Cholesterol in serum or plasma. – Direct determination of HDL Cholesterol – Highly specific to HDL determination – Selective Inhibition Method – Linear up to 150 mg/dL – Ready to use liquid stable reagents

Clinical Significance

Blood total cholesterol levels have long been known to be related to coronary heart disease (CHD). In recent years, in addition to total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) has become an important tool used to assess an individual risk of developing CHD since a strong negative relationship between HDL-C concentration and the incidence of CHD was reported.


The reaction between cholesterol other than HDL and the enzyme for cholesterol assay is suppressed by the electrostatic interaction between polyanions & cationic substances. Hydrogen peroxide is formed by the free cholesterol in HDL by cholesterol oxidase. Oxidative condensation of EMSE and 4-AA is caused by hydrogen peroxide in the presence of peroxidase, and the absorbance of the resulting red-purple Quinone is measured to obtain the cholesterol value in HDL Polyanions Other

lipoproteins than HDL ———————> Suppress reaction with enzyme
Cationic substances
Cholesterol esterase
HDL (cholesterol esters) + H2O ——————————> HDL (free cholesterol) + Free fatty acids
cholesterol oxidase
HDL (free cholesterol) + O2 + H+ ————————————> Cholestenone + H2O2
2H2O2 + 4-AA + EMSE + H3 + O ———————> Violet quinone + 5 H2O

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