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France Lab Company Summer Internship

WELCOME TO FRANCE LAB SUMMER INTERNSHIP Our summer internship program offers you the chance to get hands-on experience in the labor market. It will introduce you to a potential future work environment and allow you to test your interest in a particular career path before officially starting your career. Why […]

France Lab is The Best Seller for the Year 2017-2018

France Lab Company is pleased to have The Best Seller Globally Champion for Mispa i2 Device for the year 2017 – 2018

Mini Pipette

          Mini Pipette Color Code Accumax Jr. Pipette Inaccuracy (±) % Imprecision (± ) % AJ-5 Accumax Jr. Mini Pipette 5 µL 1.3 1.2 AJ-10 Accumax Jr. Mini Pipette 10 µL 0.8 0.8 AJ-20 Accumax Jr. Mini Pipette 20 µL 0.6 0.5 AJ-25 Accumax Jr. Mini Pipette […]

Multi-channel Pipette

Multi-channel Pipette Soft smart finger-grip of TPE Manifold can rotate 360º for easy right or left hand operation Easily removable & fully autoclavable manifold One hand tip ejection Soft force tip loading and ejection Consistent sample loading Leak free sealing of tip Attractive color coding Compatible with almost all types […]

Pre Albumin

Pre Albumin Available 15T and 30T

Kappa-Light Chain

        Kappa-Light Chain Available 15T and 30T

Lambda-Light Chain

        Lambda-Light Chain Available 15T and 30T


D-dimer Available 15T and 30T

Alpha1 Acid Glycoprotein

        Alpha1 Acid Glycoprotein Available 15T and 30T


          CRP Available 15T and 30T