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Mini Pipette

          Mini Pipette Color Code Accumax Jr. Pipette Inaccuracy (±) % Imprecision (± ) % AJ-5 Accumax Jr. Mini Pipette 5 µL 1.3 1.2 AJ-10 Accumax Jr. Mini Pipette 10 µL 0.8 0.8 AJ-20 Accumax Jr. Mini Pipette 20 µL 0.6 0.5 AJ-25 Accumax Jr. Mini Pipette […]

Multi-channel Pipette

Multi-channel Pipette Soft smart finger-grip of TPE Manifold can rotate 360º for easy right or left hand operation Easily removable & fully autoclavable manifold One hand tip ejection Soft force tip loading and ejection Consistent sample loading Leak free sealing of tip Attractive color coding Compatible with almost all types […]

Micropipette Pro

MICROPIPETTE PRO Accumax COMPANY Product Name Micropipette Pro Company Description For years, to gether Accumax PRO has been the fastest selling and a very well accepted pipette in Fine Care Biosystems’ product range. Its exceptionally high accuracy and precision, robust quality and fantastic ergonomic design has made it a first […]

Micropipette Smart

Micropipette Smart Accumax COMPANY Product Name Micropipette Smart Company Description It was the indefatigable efforts of our design and production teams combined with the feedback received from customers that saw the launch of Accumax SMARTseries of pipette. Accumax SMART pipette matches all quality parameters required to serve the high end […]

Electronic Micropipette

Electronic Micropipette Accumax COMPANY Product Name Electronic Micropipette Company Description fter the years of research, performance trials & customer satisfaction reports, we Accumax backed by a successful history in mechanical Pipettes, Tips and Tubes are ready with its latest and most advanced and user friendly pipette- Accumax Electronic Pipette. One […]