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Mispa-i2 Agappe COMPANY Product Name Mispa-i2 Company Description Specific Protein Analyzer Technical Specification Principle: Nephelometry and Photometry Calibration: Smart Card (Integrated Circuit Card) Light Source: Laser LED 650nm Laser Power:5 mw Photo detectors: Laser detector Temperature Control:Dry heating Temperature rang:Controlled 37 degress Celsius Mixing: Automation by motor Zero setting: Automatic […]


Mispa-i3 Agappe COMPANY Product Name Mispa-i3 Company Description UCS Technology- Sensitivity and Linearity at its best Smart Card Calibration Prefilled cartridges with reagents Inject Aspiration system (IAS) ensures precise and accurate result Quadra ‘S’ System (Slow start slow stop) Automatic pre -dilution of samples Fully closed- No user interface 3 […]